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    Introducing the TatLite, Carbon Fibre travel workstation.

    Hi Everyone,

    Ive been a member on this forum for a while, although kind of kept myself in the background.

    I know everyone on this forum are striving to learn more about their craft and keeping up to date with the latest advancements in technology and techniques.

    So here is something I've been working on..........

    Ive been tattooing for just over 6 years and have worked in excess of 50+ tattoo conventions within the uk and Europe. These shows have taken their toll on my back so i had to come up with something to solve the problem of convention working conditions. I felt the main problem was over stretching due to not having my equipment close to hand, so i came up with a new travel workstation. It had to be light enough to fly with and easy to assemble quickly at a show.

    i now use the workstation every day in the studio as well and my back feels better. It has been designed so you can get your essentials really close to your client.

    It packs down really small into its own transport bag, the table weighs 1.6kg (with the bag 2kg total).

    Im just a tattooist like yourselves, I have made them available to everyone if there're interested. Every table is hand finished and assembled by myself, machining and tig welding by my engineer and transport bags are made by an ex steeamstress. Everything is made within 5 miles of my studio, in Westbury, Wiltshire, in the uk.

    They are priced at 300, and they are available on, with worldwide shipping.

    hope you you all like it, if you want any more info just shout


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    I've used something like this for years over 5. Made it from a stainless steel tray drilled holes for my ink caps and water welded to a music stand.. One side for bng the other side for colour. Great if you don't kick it then it good by ink...Water. but it does make life alot easier no turning and when you had two major back opps I want everything without the turning. I'm at mark 3 now which I'm very pleased with the lay out I use.. but a using carbon is nice but it's porous, were the cut holes are, the resin only penatrats so far into the weave, even if it's been autoclaved with prepreg, water or ink or anything of that matter will lay in the cut...the only way is to make the plate with the holes all ready in the mold. Why I know this is (a) I've worked with carbon for years (b) a family members work in carbon for f1 teams. Plus ive made a top plate in carbon mix and you could see the ink stain the holes where it was cut...i have to cover it with cling film and push the ink caps though it to seal the ink cap in the hole..The only way is have the top stainless and removable and that is going to be my mark 4, now I've finalised my holes I need.
    Good luck with it.

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    You have only been tattooing 6 years and have back issues? Holy hell man, lift with the knees and stretch daily. I have been tattooing 21 years and my back is in good shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandonmull View Post
    You have only been tattooing 6 years and have back issues? Holy hell man, lift with the knees and stretch daily. I have been tattooing 21 years and my back is in good shape.

    Like myself, there could have been a pre existing or underlying condition. But back on topic, looks good, best wishes with it.


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