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    FK Irons Spektra EdgeX

    Its been a couple weeks since I began using this rotary and every tattoo I do I love it more and more. My first few outlines took me about 30% longer than normal but now just 2 weeks later I am able to get things done noticeably faster than before. Lining with these was a very different feel at first but I stuck with it and was happily surprised how quick I adjusted to use these machines to their full potential quite easily. My hands and wrists (tendentious) are healing from using light weight machines and needle cartridges just make everything even better.
    I bought a second EdgeX so I could have one for lining one for magnums but honestly, switching cartridges and adjusting depth with the RPG click is faster and easier than switching machines. Switching cartridges doesnt require me to even change my tattoo hand grip nor touch the machine with a dirty glove like fumbling with clip cords and swapping machines so I will probably be selling one of them. For me there's really no need for two when one does it all so well.

    I would say that this is the first time in 20 plus years I am 100% satisfied with a machine. I really can't think of a thing I would change or improve upon. I feel like I have a machine that easily can keep up with me. The work healing so easy and healthy is a testament to reduced trauma to the skin. FK Irons has really designed an amazing product and IMO one they are going to have a hard time ever surpassing in the future. Happily I bet we're going to see the Spektras EdgeX's around for quite sometime.
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