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Thread: Axys Fehu

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butternuts View Post
    Not sure which stroke you got (I've been using the 3.5) but I start mine out around 6.4 volts and adjust from there depending on what I'm doing. I recently complimented it with a Critical Atom X power supply so now I have a really sleek setup!! The fact that the whole machine fits in a clip cord bag is very convenient.
    Thanks for the info. Yeah i've got the 3.5. Obviously a big factor is the carts that are being used, Cheyenne and Slot Lock carts need more poke to get going because of the spring in the carts. EZ and TTech have only a small rubber band inside so they're no problem to push. I did notice the instructions say it would go up to 13v! I think anything higher than 10 at the most is overkill surely!?

    Anyway great little machine and can't wait to do more with it. I've got some colour work in on Friday so I'll see what it can do then! :-)

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    I did some tests and whatever I run the thunder at I add 1 to 1.5 volts on the fehu. For me 9 v is good for lining on the thunder but 10 to 10.5 on the fehu gets me the exact same lining goodness worked great for dropping in some bold lines with a 9 round shader for me today effortlessly and first pass . . I like the fehu so much I just picked up their direct drive for fun just waiting patiently for it to arrive now I got the 4.0 fehu it's a fantastic machine I like the easy access by removing the faceplate etc for cleaning and the 4.0 is producing great smooth shading for me

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    I really like these machines, I have a 3.5 and a 4.0. I've tried a lot of different machines and these have been my favorite so far. I'm not saying there's not other machines out there that might be better suited for some people but I haven't looked any further. I haven't purchased another machine since I got these a couple years ago


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