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    How to do rotary machine...


    So I started with removing on vibration motor from a playstation Controller, next for the body I used a plastic circular piece from a GPS that by luck had the same size of the motor....
    Next I needed something to hold the grip to the frame, so I just took this piece from a old machine I hade, and attached to the plastic frame with a screw.... Then I putted a RCA connection on the plastic frame, and to finalize I toke a Cam from a old machine, and thats it...
    Nothing to work everyday, but gave me a lot of fun making 2 tattoos with it...(till now)

    So have you done something similar?
    Share your ideas

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    There is a thread page on here somewhere it shows lots of dd that me and others had made.. this is my latest.. handheld fan with batterys so you can tattoo anywhere..

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    That electric lightning effect though!! ��

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    Was fiddle fucking around in my garage over the weekend and produced this abomination. No clue what the motor is (had it in my toolbox for probably 5 years and there are no markings on it) and had a 3.7 AXYS cam I put on it. Tattooed with it today and it tattoos pretty decent (tattoo in pic isn't finished yet). I think in terms of rotaries, you can probably put a decent motor and cam on the ole' ladies vibrator and it'll tattoo well.

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