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    Stylus type machines and cross contamination.

    Soooo, this new wave of pen style machines has me looking on in great anticipation. However, I am really concerned with the cross contamination factors involved, namely with the inner workings. If diaphragm sealed carts are not used do they get back spray all up inside of them? I also am still a little unsure about just how sanitary simply wrapping and then wiping the grip with germicide actually is. In theory if that is acceptable, then why shouldn't I be able to just use a disposable cart grip with a standard cart type machine over and over until the grip wears out? These are just some of the reasons why I have yet to use carts.

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    Yes, not using membrane carts can get back spray into the machine itself. The Stylus and Nedz pens are easily disassembled and can (and should) be sanitized regularly. Grips NEED to be sterilized, not just wrapped and wiped. I'm leery about pens that can't be opened up and cleaned. Carts are great. And there are ways to keep things clean and sterile.


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