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Thread: centri signet?!

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    centri signet?!

    what's up everyone. where are the reviews for this machine. surely someone has tried it

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    Unfortunately this forum now is full of people reading and not much posting.

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    I think a lot of us have found the machine that works for us and there's not much reason to discuss it now. Needle goes up, needle goes down. Give/no give etc. It's tough to drop a bunch of money on an untested machine when you have a perfectly good one (or ten) in hand.

    That being said the Centris always look cool as hell, and Mike wouldn't release something unless he loved it. He's an artist and an engineer, and has very high standards for himself and his products.

    I wonder the same thing about reviews for the Stregato. What a KILLER machine! Surely there must be reviews here, on youtube etc.. but nope, not really.

    Maybe I just need to make them myself.

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    Ive just bought one, its the lastest model, ive only had a small play with it, but 1st off its not a xion pick up and tattoo machine, this thing has a learning curve to it, i also found some carts it doesnt like to push and get to a sweet spot, but swop it out for something else and bang its doing its thing, its nothing like a rotary because its not, its a magnet drive but it can hit hard and pack colour in like a beast, like i sead ive only had it a few days and need to test it fully when ive got the time to. Mike gave me a few tips and you need to watch the vids on his youtube channel, but dont let it put you off, with just a few hours of having a play with it, if it can run constant for hours without any hassles i can see this machine can be a great asset and something different to all the samie rotary machines wrapped in a different name.

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