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    Cheyenne Hawk Pen Motor Replacement

    Hey all
    I'm fixing and refinishing a cheyenne pen for a buddy at another shop. The motor is shot and I'm wondering if anyone knows a similar one that'll work. It's a Faulhaber and the model number is 2224U009S. The measurements are the same as its model number 22mm diameter by 24.2mm length, pretty sure its 9 volt, and it has a 2mm shaft. I know nothing about RPMs, torque, etc.. If anyone knows one that'll fit those specs, please let me know. Thank you.
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    Hey I saw your post on the facebook group but ill add this for anyone else that it could help. This is a replacement motor I received from Eddie Lollis. 20190312_132420.jpg

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    I cant figure out how to get the motor out. I got the top (jack side) and bottom (cartrige side) off and bypassed the chip board.the motor is fried but i cant fig out how to pull the motor. Anyone know what to use to pull the spinning piece. ThnX

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