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    a million thanks, rob....i really appreciate the time you spent on this

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    Quote Originally Posted by lab rat View Post
    a million thanks, rob....i really appreciate the time you spent on this
    Don't mention it, it was a fun video to do. I think it makes us as artists think more about us for a bit, as we always have a tendency to put our customers first all the time and some times we just need to have some "me" time, and this was a good way to do that.
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    1.) How long have you been tattooing?
    13 years

    2.) Have you ever had problems w/ your hands/wrists/arms as a result of tattooing? describe
    wrist cramps and a lot of backpain

    3.) How many hours a day/ week do you spend tattooing?
    30-40 hours

    4.) What style of tattooing (black and grey, traditional,etc.) do you work in most?
    traditional, newschool i do only that

    5.) What style do you prefer to work in?

    6.) Name an artist who has influenced you? What do you like about their style?
    adriaan edek super clean tattoos and color choise

    7.) How many tattoo machines do you own?
    18 rotarys, and some coils left from the past

    8.) In the past, what machines have you used the most? how long? how were they set up?
    seth ciferri ...but i dont use any coils anymore since i discovered rotarys

    9.) What is currently your favorite tattoo machine? Why?
    Thats hard.....lines dan kubin mc13. Blending. Nicks rotary. Color bishop. Fine line. Bishop capo.
    10.) How many machines do you use in a typical tattoo? 4 or 5

    11.) How much should a good tattoo machine cost?
    money is not the intrest... What is important that it is a quallity build machine....

    12.) Name a few things that you like/dislike about tattoo machines and/or power units
    Since the critical wireless footswitch. I hate that i still have one wireless power ??
    13.) What tubes do you use?
    disposable from tattoogoods and philip leu

    14.) What needles do you use?
    Only magic moon needles
    15.) What power supplie(s) do you use? Do you prefer knobs or push buttons?
    critical cxr 2 x push button

    16.) How important is knowing CPS, volts, etc., to you?
    its important you know as much as you can from your work/hobby

    And i think with rotarys voltage is the key to a good line

    17.) What do you think of rotary tattoo machines? Needle cartridges?
    Rotary tattoo machines changed my world in a positive way havent tried cartidges...i use so many different needles if i would them all in cartridges i will be broke
    18.) How much would you pay for a tattoo machine that would eliminate the need for several tattoo machines and be adjusted by the push of a button rather than turning a knob or screw?
    i like it to use different machines
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